Friday, September 27, 2013

Deep Thought of Blog MakeOver and Bloggin Life

This blog My Thoughts in Daily Living is the oldest blog in my hands. It started 2008. I have not transferred yet into its own domain because of its blog PR. Before it was 3 and now maintained its position 2 for years. I hope it will go back to its position 3 so I'll be earning as often as I used before. Through this blog I met online friends. Although they don't exist in person but through them I learn so many things.

I haven't given often updates to this blog lately. I was also in my deep thinking whether to totally quit blogging and just focus on something else. My answer? I can't? I love blogging and through this I can express and develop my learning. I love photography, tweaking and experimenting on programming basic codes, and most of all this is how I develop my English enhancement. English language always a challenge to me. I need to bring back and add more English vocabulary words that have been out from my brain bank due to inactivity. Through blogging, my reading activity can be developed. I remember when I was in elementary I was a fast reader, but now very opposite to it as I turn so slow and a lazy reader. That's true and I need to improve it once again. I want my brain to work faster as I wanted and used to be back in the old days. I know my brain will start growing again as soon as I start working on it.

Final judgement when it comes to blogging is to keep playing. I will let the ball keep rolling in my head. Soon I'll give this blog a new face. That's for sure another work to add to the line-up.

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