Thursday, December 5, 2013

Database Error in WordPress

It was so strange for me when I opened my WordPress blogs yesterday and Database Error Message slammed in my face. As a new WP user I had no totally idea what is the error all about. I hurriedly Google it and contacted my hosting provider as I started to get panic that my fruit of my hard-work will just easily vanish like that. I didn't do backups as well so that incident taught me to do so.

In the research result, I found out that there are numerous possible reasons like in the hosting, WordPress site glitch, etc. Well, I did nothing to fix the issue, my blogs just turn back to their normal running condition after 30 minutes. I spoke to the Hostgator staff but he couldn't answer my queries regarding that experienced error so I am totally blind what really the cause of my database error. Well, folks, do you have an idea?

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