Monday, June 4, 2012

My Computer is Getting Worse

Acquiring a new computer is one of the stuffs that I have been planning to get since it started giving me headache and eye problem because of the horizontal lines that keep appearing plus it's getting blurry as you can see in the picture. I know my online earning is not satisfactory as the year turns so availing one is becoming far-fulfilling. Besides, there are other high priorities in life that needs immediate attention that involves money. 

Whilst I missed earning from blogging but no matter how I motivated myself these past weeks still something was pushing me back. How sad! Now that the performance of my computer is getting worse I really need to continuously push harder myself to blog so I can reap something in the future and you know already what I mean by this, isn't?

Well what do you think is the problem of my laptop? Do you know folks?

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