Thursday, June 28, 2012

One of My Favorite Cars

 I hadn't been to Nissan Chino Hills before this year, but it is a great place to go for some awesome deals on Nissan models. I would have to say that the absolute best car to be driving right now would be a Nissan. 
Nissan's are great right now considering the fantastic mileage that they get and how economically smart they are. There are many different reasons that I have found owning a Nissan to be a great asset. For whatever reason, I get the best treatment and customer service when dealing with reps from the Nissan office. I have visited Fontana Nissan a couple times in the past when searching for numerous Nissan car dealerships. I recently bought a new home in California and had to do a bit of research on dealerships available after visiting most of them in person, and two that stood out included Fontana and Palm Springs Nissan. I have heard about both of these before from friends I made after moving, and both came strongly recommended. Although I have heard a lot more great things about Fontana Nissan, I suppose that either of them could have done the job right. I did end up purchasing my car from the Palm Springs dealership, but appreciated the inventory and specials that were offered at the Fontana dealership.

At the dealership in Palm Springs, the staff was extremely friendly and welcoming and made sure that I was completely comfortable with my purchase before going forward. Of course I strongly appreciated this approach rather than the rush to get your signature and your money policy some dealerships operated on. The sales-people really seemed interested in learning what exactly I was looking for and always kept my price range in mind. This was also important considering how often I have had to deal with dealership people pushing higher priced cars on me and trying to negotiate for half an hour just to get the same answer ("No") every time. I decided to purchase the car that looked right for me, and that was a brand new 2012 Nissan Rogue. I think that in the long run it will be a very smart choice. Although of course the newer version of this model did cost more than it probably had to, it runs perfectly and I don't have to worry about it breaking down or anything else like that. 

Whenever my friends ask me about dealerships now I always recommend Palm Springs since I had such great success with it. I don't trust many dealerships, but I'm happy that I found one I can count on in my new home state of California. I think that anyone who really wants to look out for themselves should own a Nissan, because it is one car that has never brought me any troubles. Considering all the other gas-guzzling cars on the market today, I really do consider Nissan models to be the smartest decision when purchasing a new car today. Money is uncertain in these times, but with a Nissan you are always making a smart investment.

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