Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Making of Fried Ice Cream

I didn't know that there is such fried ice cream till my feet brought me to the 2nd floor of the mall in the province. My eyes rolled so fast back and forth upon reading "Fried Ice Cream." I was so curious if what's the taste so I watched the frying thing. I know ice cream is cold in nature but when we say fry my mind played about the hotness of the food. In the first place I thought it is really hot. lol! I never bother to ask the sales staff if it's hot because I don't want them to laugh at me. So I order since my daughter wants it too. 

 This is how they fry on their big frying pan. In a few minutes it's now inside the cup with toppings. You have actually more than 3 options of topping so it's up to you which one you like.

Here's what we got the Ube Fried Ice Cream! Regarding the taste, hmmm...I don't like it. lol!

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