Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another Pipe Leak Problem

Problems come and go and that seems its nature flow. Well who doesn't want it to come but won't go? Do you? We just arrived here 2 days ago and problems already slapping on my face. But I know God won't leave me and I know that every problem has a solution. So I'll face it with faith. It is just part of trials in life.

To face things, I'll do it one by one as there's a saying, "birds that attempt to catch more than one thing, get nothing." I really believe also in this phrase since I attempted to do it not just once but multiple times. 

Well, enough for that wordy thing, the first thing I'd like to get settled is the leak problem of my water tank. I don't like keep redoing this issue but seems I hired the wrong plumber to do the job. The word that keeps playing on my mind is the plumber I hired is not an expert! The best thing to do is look for that kind. So that is only one of the issues that needs to be fixed, the rest will follow.

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