Friday, August 5, 2011

Dollar Exchange Rates into Philippine Peso

These charts below illustrate the performance of the two different currencies. As an individual who keeps sending foreign money to my loved ones in the Philippines it becomes a part of my life to worry when dollar exchange rates go down. I am sure you know the reason why so, I don't need anymore to elaborate it here.

For monitoring purposes, here we go.

First chart shows the performance of Canadian dollar for the current week. It fluctuates all the time especially the case this time, you know the global crisis. As of today, the Canadian exchange rate to Philippine peso goes up a bit, $1 CAD dollar= 43. 53 PHP.

This 2nd chart illustrates the US for this week. It is actually improving now which is a good thing. Hopefully the flow will continue in the long run. So as of today 1 USD= 42.60 PHP.

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