Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beautiful Teapot

I don't drink tea, do you? But when I saw the stunning teapot displayed inside the Empress Hotel's boutique seemed I'd like to drink a tea. lol! I wanted to grab it but I have no money. (Sigh) What a poor creature! Anyway, my eyes were enjoying its look. In the Philippines for sure there are also tons of beautiful teapots in there, so I rather collect there because it is cheaper.

If you find this teapot stunning, then give your thumbs up to it.


  1. wow, murag mahalon kau ni naman ka ron sis...sensya na karon lang naka visit...hope all is well...musta na ang duha ka tsikiting...ehehehe!

  2. @SavvyMama- Ty sab pagbisita sis. Naa ko Canada ron. And chikitings tua sa Pinas ang lola gbantay.


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