Saturday, February 26, 2011

Q-Park, My Landmark Reveals Something

Today is the very first day I tried to visit a new healer as what they say. I just want to document my visits there because I'd like to share too how far I could do with this new healer. I heard good factors about him so far. Based on the person who invited me to go there you can find different professions of people asking for help in any ways. There are lawyers, doctors, nurses, salesladies, managers, students and even ordinary individuals.

Today, without a doubt I went to the place with my old neighbors. One of them has a car so I just rode with them. To make the story short today is the beginning of the strange things that I may experience with the new healer. One example of that is burying a bottle of something in the cemetery in a very late evening. Oh, so very scary! So that is just a start. So please stay tuned for the next update.

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