Monday, March 2, 2015

The Unstoppable March of Technology Towards the Future

Many are amazed at the advances that technology has made in the past few years. Things that are commonplace today were not even imagined a century ago, and just half a century ago, they were thought to be things of science fiction. An example of this is the smart phones and tablets that everyone uses. If one was to look at the science fiction of the late 80's and early 90's, they would see that many science-fiction programs had its characters using similar devices to communicate with each other, to compute, and to record the environment around them. At the time when these devices were introduced to the public in the realm of science fiction, people thought that they were novel ideas but something that would never be seen in reality. Now, when a person walks down the street of any major city, they will see thousands of individuals using these devices.

Technology growth is seen in two different areas. One area is the products that are created and eventually delivered to customers. The other area is the tools that are designed in order to measure, engineer, and manufacture the parts that are used in the devices that are distributed to the public.

A high-quality video measuring system, like the ones produced by companies like Scienscope for example, are an essential part of the production process. Video measurement tools allow designers to take accurate measurements of small intricate parts or small features of larger parts that cannot be accurately measured otherwise. Video measuring techniques are often used in connection with microscopes and optical comparators.

XT-1000 VMU Economy Table Top Video Measrement System

The future of technology is very difficult to predict. Technology has progressed at such a rapid rate that the creators of science fiction, which is often a catalyst for science fact, are not able to create ideas quick enough to stay ahead of what is reality. 

Much of the focuses of future technologies are on transportation and automobiles. Multiple private companies are currently designing and launching vehicles to transport people and materials to space. Well-known telecommunication companies are rumored to be designing self-navigating electronic vehicles. Newcomers in the field of automobile design are pioneering fully electronic vehicles, and this has spurred big-name automobile companies to do the same. Unquestionably, behind all of these advances in technology will be tools like video measurement systems that will give engineers, designers, and manufacturers the exact measurements and specifications they need to continue producing state-of-the-art technology.

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