Friday, February 6, 2015

It Was the Sign of Business Shut Down of Target

Months prior hearing the rumors about Target's shut down, I noticed that mostly their shelves weren't replenished even though the time of daily store closing is way far. It is the usual place where I bought milk because I find it few cents cheaper to the rest of the stores where we often have grocery shopping. At times I just went to their store to buy milk and found nothing on the shelves, I got frustrated. Who wouldn't be? An image below is an evidence of that emptiness. 

Now that Target are leaving Canada, for sure the nearby stores/supermarkets will be raising their prices. Grrrr...Not good! 

Target Liquidation Sale

The First Day of the Liquidation Sale

Yesterday, was Target's first day of a liquidation sale, and because of curiosity, I came inside to check what their sale really looks like. I have seen banners hanging up conveying up to 30% Sale in everything. I roam around, to the school supplies, kitchen appliances, beauty products and food section and I was not impressed from what I have seen in their so called Liquidation Sale. There were lots of people anyway, but many were going out with an empty handed, and that includes me. 

I have blogged that I've been eying for a stand mixer, if it goes down to 60-70 %,  then maybe that's the time for me to buy one, otherwise I'll just forget about it for now. For all Target hunters, good luck with your deal hunting!  

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