Friday, February 6, 2015

The Formulas for Maximizing Revenue in Selling Business

The Formulas for Maximizing Revenue: Cross-Selling and Upselling

A single business rise and constantly monitored by business owners if the strategies implemented are bringing in the profit to which the owner aspires to achieve. Herein below, is an infographic that shows how a particular selling business could maximize its revenue using the classic sales techniques, the cross-selling and upselling, together with its comprehensive comparison and vivid examples.

Regardless of whichever technique is applicable to your selling business, once it has executed very well, it can boost revenue and increase customer lifetime value. Along with the mentioned techniques is an essential factor to acquire revenue from the existing customers.

The Roadmap to Success

To acquire success in selling business, below are the suggested ideas to reach that goal. They are thoroughly expounded also in the infographic, please refer to it.

1. Know Your Customer
2. Craft a Game plan
3.  Suggest the Right Product to the Right People 
4.Connect the Dots

What are the Signs of Business Success?

To determine that your business has attained the fruit of success, simple signs are noticeable such as:

  • Average contract value per customer
  • Meeting upsell and cross-sell quotas
  • There is a customer satisfaction and retention
  • Rate of conversion to higher revenue products or services

Cross-Selling to Your Customer's Heart Infographic

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