Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Prisoner of Own Life

Is it true that life is unfair? Or it's simply the fault of a human who did not think a thousand times before jumping into the life of uncertainty? I wish we had the crystal ball like we've seen in the movie that enables us to forsee the life ahead. What a big wish of mine that only happens in the impossible dream!

Prisoner of Own Life

Being a prisoner of our own life is I know a matter of choice. It's up to us how far we can go or sacrifice for the sake of the people surround us. It is hard to be a prisoner without a fence, because it's guilt who's often shadowing around and it's unclear if when would the sentence end. Life is truly full of lessons that we learn along the journey. It seems unfair as we can't learn all those at the same time. Patience is endlessly measured by our almighty God. I wish there's a vaccine for humans to obtain such significant quality, because of so, I'll be the first in the line to avail one. 

What is really the secret to acquire more patience? Or shall we say extend the length of the one I currently have? Would you mind sharing to the student?

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