Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Photoshoot at SantaLand in Coquitlam Centre

SantaLand has finally opened just 2 weeks ago inside the mall of Coquitlam Centre. Kids seeing Santa Claus and his elves would surely bring joy to their faces. The area is not that big but it is great. There are some kids activities inside like coloring, playing toys, etc. Every time we go to the mall I can see a long line-up.

Santa feeds his reindeer around 3:00pm-3:30 pm. So far I have not bring the kids inside because we are always on a hurry and the line-up is grrrrrrr to me, maybe in some other time when I have the all day.

For now just photo taking outside SantaLand first. lol! So here they are my adorable kids! My son refused for me to take a photo but I bribed him...heheheh. As you can see he`s not in the mood here.

But my lovely girl who loves camera, she got more clicks.

I tried to capture another one shot fronting Santa`s Workshop but look at my son he can`t take my obsession anymore. He finally ignored me! Sorry mama.

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