Friday, December 14, 2012

It's Pyjamas Day at Nestor Elementary School

Today December 14, 2012 is Pyjamas Day at Nestor Elementary School. Students are going to wear pyjamas. I'm sure you know what pyjamas are, to elaborate it- clothes for wearing to bed and sleeping in, usually consisting of a loose-fitting jacket and trousers

So what's up at pyjama day at school? For my kindergarten what I know is they'll be having story time just in that comfy pyjamas outfit and hot chocolate as well is being served. When I take my son to school today I noticed teachers are also wearing pyjamas. It seems all of them we'll be having fun today! During my school days we don't have such school activity in school so I did not experience it. Well, for kids it would be fun for sure seeing their classmates in different pyjamas. I'll be asking my son later when picking him up time.

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