Monday, March 5, 2012

The Easiest Way to Organize Life Online

Online is the 2nd phase where I spend most of my time. After doing offline errands I will quickly open my computer and start my work online. As a stay at home mom I love to explore and learn different things from the tip of my fingers using my laptop. But because every minute is precious, sometimes I just bookmark the articles or any websites that I want to see and read again when I run out of time. Doing such procedure finds me disorganized, and in fact, sometimes I get lost if which among those sites is my next prospect to read.

Lately, that a friend of mine introduced me to clipix I feel better and start getting uncluttered. From the time I started using this helpful tool I find myself enjoying clipping websites, interesting articles, shopping sites and online contest without hard times. In my case that I clip lots of sites every day I am now using Multiboards and I find it perfect for my daily activities. So far this is the easiest way I able to make things in order. I am so thankful to Clipix for helping me out from my old messy old times.

So folks, I am all inviting you to join today with me in Clipix and be organized at all times. By the way, how will you use clipix in your online transaction? Will you be using it for your clipping shopping sites or interesting articles? Please say something, don’t be shy.




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  1. Wow this is a great help for all of us especially to those who are always using computer thanks for the visit in Anne’s Sweet Life do you mind to visit me here Sahm’s Dining Diary too? Thanks!


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