Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yard Fencing

In North America I have noticed that many home owners don't put fence on their yard. I asked hubby about it and he just answered me that fencing is not that important. People can only enjoy their yard during summer time and the rests of the days not because of the cold weather. Anyway, speaking of fence, I decided to work on the fence of my parents place. I started it few days ago and it is almost done. I extended the gate and had demolished the old store which mom used a long time ago when she was having her mini-grocery store.

For the meantime we are staying on their territory with my kids since they continued their studies here. The fencing job in our province cost 300 Php per person. The contractor will do the piling of hallow blocks and other jobs. I am not happy with the performance of the contractor hired by my parents this time because he is very slow and because of what he showed I am having the thought of replacing him soon. Despite of that slow performance, I am still looking forward of seeing the better look of our fence as well as the new face of the gate.

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