Thursday, October 6, 2011

Improve Your Home Security

Are you thinking about some home improvement work to boost your home’s market appeal? You may be looking to upgrade the kitchen or bathroom, but have you considered repairing or replacing the fencing? Improving your boundary wall or fence can be a quick, simple and highly cost effective way to change the appearance of your home and – unlike renovation work inside the home - work on fencing will hardly interrupt your household routines.

A coat of paint can rejuvenate a tired, shabby fence in next to no time. If existing fencing has been constructed in a style that does little to complement the architectural features of your home, this is an ideal opportunity to create a fence that provides a more integrated look. Building new fences and gates fitted with strong locks is likely to be considered favorably by your California home insurance provider who may offer premium discounts for the enhanced security; more importantly, improved fencing creates a more private, safer home for you and your family.

If your home is located in a noisy urban neighborhood or near a busy transport corridor, consider installing high fencing that incorporates acoustic panels. A fence of this type becomes an effective noise barrier around your home, deflecting and deadening intrusive sounds and creating a quiet, tranquil haven.

If you make significant changes to the fencing around your home, be sure to notify your insurer or agent and adjust your homeowners insurance coverage to reflect the value of the home improvements.

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