Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baby Name Banned from New Zealand

Expecting a new angel in a family is so exciting. It's a long preparation from finding the baby's name till getting and organizing the baby stuffs. I've been there in that situation twice. In fact we came into the debate sector because we experienced disagreement with the names. Parents want unique and meaningful names for their baby. As for us it was also a tough condition deciding what name to call for our babies. Well, my daughter has only 3 words first name and my son has 2 words.

By the way, a baby name banned from New Zealand is Lucifer. I know you're so familiar with that name because you can find it in a bible. When I conducted my research it has several meaning.

So here we go. Lucifer means:

1.) Devil/Satan
2.) light bearer

If you are expecting a baby, would you consider Lucifer as his name? Hmmmm.... you tell me.


  1. ay inahak ka pangit sad ana nga name oi..opposite side na lang "Angel" for boy or girl, nice pa kaayo hehe.

    okay ra panagat jov...fav ko ron sa SR..ang SS, PPP, IPL..hinay karon...ang BV okay ra kay wa ko kalimti hehehe...pero ang microworkers, gagmay lagi pod pero short review ra noon...unsahay makalagot pa ang mga advertisers kay wrong link daw nga mao man to ila gi-provide...labad pod lagi..hehe

    TY sa labay...

  2. Yes, Lucifer is light bearer. He was God's right hand before he became a devil.

    Oh no, I don't want my baby to be called like that. Just imagine when he grows up! Peer pressure and bully perhaps.


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