Friday, January 28, 2011

I Wish I Have Gold Coins

This recession time, some of the people including myself is wishing to have gold coins. Buying gold coins is such a pretty good business or hobby. The price of gold is keep on getting higher. Actually when I went to the pawnshop few weeks ago there I found out that the gold's price has just increased after the sudden increased occurred a week before that incident. To wealthy people, buying gold is just like their past time. But mostly it serves as their investment. By the way, since I am talking about gold here I just want to share it with you that I saw a free gold guide where gold coins and gold bullion are the main subjects. It seems it is really good for gold investors who are spending a lot of money in buying gold.

When you buy bullion coin I found out that it comes with insurance. And its price varies on its size. In the free guide site that I saw the price of 1 oz. Gold American Eagle is more than $1,000, excluding the insurance. Well, if I am only a wealthy person I won't hesitate to invest and buy gold bullion because I know that it is worth buying.

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