Monday, June 15, 2015

Why Dishwashing Detergent Not Dissolving

Obviously, the question is clear and bold. Isn't it? How frustrating would that be if such scenario happens to you - in your own dishwasher? After the extra effort of rinsing the dishes prior to putting into the dishwasher, then the undissolved detergent will just surprise you. Ah Ah! Absolutely not good! 

Detergent Brand

Would you like to know what brand we are using? Hmmm...To give you a hint, it begins with F. Have you also experienced this kind of  result folks using the similar detergent brand? 

In our case, I don't think the problem is the temperature of the hot water running in our apartment because the disappointing result is not really consistent. Roughly, 2 times or 1's in a month.

As you can see the image, there's a moisture of the hotness and still freshly washed. Having this poor performance is totally a waste of money as I have to redo it. By the way, Kitchenaid is the brand of our dishwasher.

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