Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Infographic of The Perfect Blueprint

A massive changes have occurred in the working life of the American people after the countless revisions of the working offices year after year since the 20th century. The architecture and interior design have a dynamic impact that brings several positive effects to the workers as comprehensively exemplified in the Infographic below. 

 Having many windows and glass walls in the workplace enables the natural light to pass through and bring the presence of the workers all through the day. As a result of good lighting, it increases the productivity of their work. About 68% of employees complain the fluorescent lighting on their ability to do the job. On top of the work productivity effect, the exposure to natural daylight upsurges the employees desire to exercise, and it improves as well the quality of sleep at night which is another essential part of anyone’s life. 

Count the longer consequences of sitting for 8 hours in front of your desk than standing which has mentioned that increases the energy, better posture, burn calories and so much more. Think of the sitting alternatives, there are moving furniture, yoga balls, etc. There are actually several fundamental factors that can contribute to a positive work ethic and give employees the happiness and satisfaction they deserve and aspire, however, in your perception, what do you consider as the perfect ones?

The Perfect Blueprint Infographic 

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