Monday, January 5, 2015

The Beneficial Factors of Having Proper Manufacturing Software

The days of the clipboard, ledger and payroll book are over. Gone are the numerous file cabinets with typed payroll sheets, shipping logbooks and check registers. Today’s companies need software to compete in the global marketplace, and enterprise resource planning software can take companies into the digital age and beyond. With the proper software, industries can effectively track inventory, payroll and orders with one application instead of numerous software systems with only one purpose each.

Manufacturing Software

ERP software began originally as an attempt to automate systems that didn’t interact with the general public. Over time, what began as an idea for dealing with front office functions began to encompass other areas; designers began asking themselves why programs couldn’t be designed to bring together all the functions of a company. With a standard interface across the spectrum, company personnel could look at order distribution, payroll, forecasting and planning, and available inventory without having to switch between programs. The interface would look the same and the commands would be the same, making business decisions and research much easier for a company’s employees.

Most manufacturing software today is based around ERP system principles. This enables people in human resources to write reports, check sales orders and review procurement orders while personnel in shipping can check employee schedules produced by the HR department. There are a number of software companies producing ERP systems; TGI produces a system called Enterprise 21 that enables employees to review order management, inventory management and procurement while being directly linked to all other departments with a single database. Other companies have developed software along similar lines, often with different interfaces; the ERP principle remains constant regardless of the software used, however. 

In today’s Internet-based economy, effective management of time and resources is vital whether a company is large or small. Selecting the proper software to help manage a company’s functions is essential in a computer-driven culture and can be a helpful tool for employees who need to access other departments for information. The ledger and check register can finally be laid to a well-deserved rest.

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