Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Teeth Filling Scheduled

I visited the dentist clinic last week for the cleaning and X-ray. The session did not last that long, however the dentist had some concern about my oral dental health and he advised me to do something it before the year will end. For now I couldn't say something clearly what it is really, maybe only once the issue will be settled. What I am clear by now is that the procedure will need more money because our insurance doesn't cover that much.

Teeth Feeling Scheduled

As of this last visit, I scheduled my teeth filling for my 3 molars and by now I couldn't wait to have them done so I can proceed to the next dental issues that I am currently having. Hmmm... I wish I did not just took for granted my teeth in the previous years because if so, I won't be having a lot of issues by now. The worst thing is, in Canada the dental service is way very expensive if you don't have dental insurance. To some individuals who have no budget for dental, maybe they just let their teeth decay or wait for them to tear apart.

To think of the tooth filling cost, it is $300+, basing in my chosen dental clinic in Coquitlam, BC. Soon that I gonna have my 3 teeth to get filled, supposed to be I need $1,000 + but because of the dental insurance, roughly I'll pay in the range of 100-120 dollars which is not that bad, right? So I still get some savings in there like I always find some ways to save electricity in the house.

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