Saturday, March 2, 2013

Swinging On Very Cold Day

One attitude that I find impressive to my daughter is her being independent. She does things on her own without asking help as long as she could. She will ask help only when she tried solutions but didn't work on her perspective. I noticed it from minute situation to big one. 

On a very cold day, a time to pick her brother up from school she wanted to swing badly since she have been stocked in the house due to the successive rain and couldn't enjoy outside. So this time (in the images below) that the rain cease for awhile is her truly blessed day as she feel every rock of the swing. 

Maybe in here she's thinking that this is it! I am out of the jail! lol!

She got the whole park since we arrived there early for the pick-up schedule so no other kids yet playing around. During going home time she doesn't actually want to end this session, but too bad the mother has lots of errands to run in the house. lol! So my girl ended up crying after the happy moments. 

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