Wednesday, October 24, 2012

SUP Surf Boards Online Shopping

img. frm legendssup
This morning, my 4 year old daughter have told me that she wants to buy SUP Surf Boards someday when she grows up and join with her favorite Princess cartoon characters surfing in a deep blue sea. My daughter is funny, her mouth is always bubbly talking the things that she wants to do when she grows up. I think she uttered about surfing because she saw my computer opened with several surfing boards on the screen. 

 By simply looking at those people who do the surfing, I can tell that they're having so much fun. How about you folks do you surf? Have you get already a comfortable, user friendly board? In buying a board I just found out that there are also factors to consider, like its width, thickness and length.

The board in the image was my finds at legendssup website. Its cost is $1,549.00. Actually, by the time I check their website they offer $50 off on board/paddle combo plus they offer free shipping on everything which I find it a pretty good deal.

If you have not find yet your ideal board, Legends Up has different boards such as race boards, flat water, surf boards and even river boards.

The store has really wide range of selections for shoppers especially for Flat Water SUP which is the most popular version of the sport. For beginners like me I think I need to start using first the flat water SUP and then once I know with the tricks or techniques I can try the other more challenging boards. Thinking to that moment is like a big challenge to me and I started feeling it by now.

Anyway before I forget I want to tell you that the online store I have mentioned here is having also up to $800 off blowout special but with limited quantities only. So if I were you have a look at their site and see what is best for you.

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