Saturday, October 6, 2012

Four Years of Existence

Yehey, I made it! I am now in the four year journey in my blogging existence. Although I am not active as I used to and wanted to be, yet still happy 'bout it. I just saw my blog counter widget and it is now back to 365 days spin. lol! I didn't able to make a celebration nor a simple treat to myself for this moment but that is okay. lol! I just laugh to myself for this long journey online trying and discovering new things esp. bout blogging on how to earn more online.

As what I have said before that family comes first. I spend lesser time now online so I must have to make sure that every places visited are worth spending with my precious little time.

To the friends that I meet online, I treasure the moments and the help in blogging industry. God Bless to All!

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