Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Two B-days in a Month

These are the my two little children who celebrate their b-days in the same month of August. Both were so excited counting the days prior they'll age turn into 4 and 5.

We celebrated their b-days in just a simple way. I prepared foods and we shared with the whole family. The most memorable thing happened in their especially day was they shared it with their beloved daddy for the very first time in their lives. God is really good, He is there by my side answering my prayers. Although He didn't respond right away to my prayers and calls but at least He did able to answer them. I am so grateful!

This is my little daughter who just turned 4 last Monday August 20.

And above is my son Daniel James who were so fussy about his b-day. Just right after he turned 5 yesterday August 29 he wants to become 6 soon. He's so funny! It seems he wants to become old fast. lol!

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