Monday, July 9, 2012

Bruises Don't Want to Go Away from Me!

Now it's my turn to mumble things bout my health. I know it is my problem but I just want to impart this to my readers even though don't care.

I am worried. I know worrying doesn't help at all! But no matter how I avoid it, still it runs through my veins like the bruises on my skin that don't want to go away from me. Some women get bruises especially before and while having their monthly period and I am one of them. Now, my case is not like that anymore, because bruises just appear on my legs and arms any time recently. I know I need to see the doctor and I'll do that this week. I can't stand anymore to wait the old bruises to fade away because new ones are started appearing. I made some research online about it but you know I can't make self-diagnostic. lol!

Time flies very fast and I can't chase it. I hope that's also the speed of the healing of my bruises. Well, it's a mother's wish!

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