Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Life After Sendong Tragedy

Due to typhoon Sendong tragedy our lives become fearful here in Southern Mindanao. Iligan our nearby City which happened to have more numbers of death kept reminding us specially when bad weather occurs. My parents' house is located so close to the the sea and the river which is so dangerous when there's a flood. The people in our community now easily panic; just like two days ago we were evacuated around 2:00am to the evacuation centers in our town. Some of us stayed at the church and schools. In the morning we go back to our respected houses since there was no flood happens. I thought that scenario will end there but I was mistaken. The following day after we came from Ozamiz City we arrived home late, around 7:00pm and again the people go to evacuation centers and few people left including us in our community. I felt nervous while getting the kids ready and our things as well. I just took a deep breath and pray that things will be okay and what had happened in Iligan and Cagayan de Oro will not happen to us here.

Last night, we stayed in our friend's house located downtown instead at the evacuations centers in which the people go and stay. Fortunately no flood happens and we were so grateful for that. Now we are back in our house and hoping that no more evacuating. sigh!

Note: photo not mine

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  1. oh my god, I hope you are still okay there gurl, it is hard to evacuate especially you have kids with you. Take care!


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