Friday, September 27, 2013

Educating Further for Better and More Career Opportunities

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) gives business professionals more than a chance to advance their careers. This graduate level business degree provides leadership skills that will last a lifetime. Moreover, it is one of the most versatile degrees around.

Earning an MBA means better earning potential, career change or advancement and the ability to impact a community in a positive way. It increases marketability and grows a professional network of faculty, alumni and peers. For the working professional or entrepreneur who is looking for fulfillment in their career, an MBA may be the answer.

Many leaders in business education offer a Master of Business Administration degree through traditional campus degree programs. For the working professional, however, an online degree is a more practical alternative. The top online MBA programs provide a quality business education that fits into the busy lives of working professionals.

As more colleges and universities offer online degrees, students have more options to choose from. The smart, savvy professionals will seek out schools that exhibit leadership in business education. The Smith School of Business on the University of Maryland campus is one of several top choices for online business degrees.

Online MBA programs give students a learning experience that will transform their personal and professional lives. The courses are designed to develop business leaders and entrepreneurs who are highly-skilled and motivated. The Smith MBA, for example, teaches leadership skills that can handle the challenges of a twenty-first century business world.

Students who seek a graduate level business degree can follow a general track that teaches the core concepts of business. However, many choose to specialize in areas such as accounting, business analytics, finance, information systems and marketing. The coursework includes core concepts and elective studies.

All of the top MBA degree programs are accredited by the AACSB, an acronym for the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.This international organization is responsible for accrediting business and accounting programs at all degree levels.

Working professionals who want to impact the business world on the local, national or global level should definitely consider a Master of Business Administration. The online programs are practical, flexible and convenient, and the degree will open doors they never knew existed. Their personal and professional lives will be better for having earned the degree.

Deep Thought of Blog MakeOver and Bloggin Life

This blog My Thoughts in Daily Living is the oldest blog in my hands. It started 2008. I have not transferred yet into its own domain because of its blog PR. Before it was 3 and now maintained its position 2 for years. I hope it will go back to its position 3 so I'll be earning as often as I used before. Through this blog I met online friends. Although they don't exist in person but through them I learn so many things.

I haven't given often updates to this blog lately. I was also in my deep thinking whether to totally quit blogging and just focus on something else. My answer? I can't? I love blogging and through this I can express and develop my learning. I love photography, tweaking and experimenting on programming basic codes, and most of all this is how I develop my English enhancement. English language always a challenge to me. I need to bring back and add more English vocabulary words that have been out from my brain bank due to inactivity. Through blogging, my reading activity can be developed. I remember when I was in elementary I was a fast reader, but now very opposite to it as I turn so slow and a lazy reader. That's true and I need to improve it once again. I want my brain to work faster as I wanted and used to be back in the old days. I know my brain will start growing again as soon as I start working on it.

Final judgement when it comes to blogging is to keep playing. I will let the ball keep rolling in my head. Soon I'll give this blog a new face. That's for sure another work to add to the line-up.

Google's 15th Birthday with its interactive Doodle

Google celebrates its 15th Birthday with a lovely interactive game, the piƱata. I get hooked to it for a while trying to increase my score. lol!

I am pretty sure that I'm not the only one who is fascinated with today's Google Doodle. So here you go, start hitting guys!

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