Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thanks Link Vehicle for Fixing the Bug

I made my post on Momsdrive Online Finds about the issue I experienced with Link Vehicle payment this month. So far, they said it's Paypal's glitch. Actually I have heard some complains about Paypal issues in the past weeks. I thought it was over, but unfortunately some companies still dealing with such payment issue and LV was one of them.

After that glitch, it's good to know that I finally have the payment I have been waiting for. For a small blogger like me and knowing that there are numerous paid to write companies out there who turned bloggers into miserable by not paying them on time, and some did not even receive payments anymore after rendering all the hard work, of course sometimes I have that fear feeling of being scam online. You know, there are tons of scammers online so we need to be vigilant in every angle as much as possible. 

To Link Vehicle thanks for responding to my inquiry quickly and for fixing the glitch. It is very much appreciated. I hope to receive more work from you in the future.

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