Thursday, July 29, 2010

Web Hosting Guide

If you are a blogger like me I am pretty sure you are familiar about web hosting. It is what to consider right after having your own domain. Though there are sites offering free web hosting but you know free has a limited accessibility. Actually it is up to you if you prefer to avail the free web hosting than to spend money from your own pocket. If you want to enjoy the privilege of the paid web hosting then you need to spend something. But put in mind that you must have to gather information first before directly purchasing the chosen provider. It would be great if you will read first the webhosting guide for you to get some tips and other information that you need prior the purchase.

From the very beginning I started blogging I admit I dreamed of hosting all my blogs in a very reliable provider with an excellent customer service, but because of insufficient funds until now that dream has set aside. Well, I am in a hurry or in the race to get one but surely it would be great and honor to get my own like many bloggers out there.

Playing with Horsey on a Boring Day

One boring day while watching TV eating biscuits with my daughter, we came up with the idea of playing her horsey. Here is her horsey wearing mom's eyeglass. What a great pose horsey huh? You can be a famous model someday!

Smile! C'mon, show me your shiny teeth baby.

Don't be shy Horsey! you take a pick of Aquira's left over.

The Importance of Proper Labeling

If you have seen any labels in your workplace, home, along the high ways or everywhere just bare is mind that it is placed there for an important reason, maybe it could be for everybody's awareness to the things occurred or whatever. So, by putting properly that signs or labels in a form of stickers, tags which you can get both online and offline store you have spread the info to the mass in the right way. For you to get the labels online see Fricknet anytime.

Have You Purchased Your New Halloween Costumes?

Time flies so fast. Soon this month will end and few months after it will be November, the time to celebrate Halloween. Do you have any plans where you gonna spend and celebrate that occasion? If you have kids I am sure your kids can't wait to celebrate it wearing their new Halloween costumes. Last year the occasion is still fresh in my mind. I enjoyed looking at my kids wearing their scary unique kids Halloween costumes. I also put a make up on their body including on their face.

So how was your last year celebration? Did you have a lot of fun? Now that the event is coming I think you better get your sexy Halloween costumes in advance while you still have the time to choose and pick what you want and visit here and there.

Well, speaking of sexy Halloween costume that's my costume type to get for this year. By now I am considering myself looking more sexy costumes at the online store recommended by a friend. For my finds, here they are below. I like these 2 because they look so gorgeous.

The costumes I saw are just some of the few that you can find at the Halloween costumes online. The store is offering a discount which we know it's a savings already to the part of the shoppers. So do you want to shop now?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcoming My New Friend!

Friends just come and go as what they say. Though that's the reality but I'd still like to say that I am still blessed and grateful for having a new catch. She's in the image below. I hope she would be nice to me and would not give me any early trouble. lol!

I bought this new friend Sony W310 from my blogging earnings, so before my blogging world may come to an end, at least I have this souvenir for myself not always for them and for the house. hehehe. Treat ko nman this time, diba?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hey, You!

At this very free minute I just want to thank you for visiting my blogs. I've been so busy lately taking care of my kids. Both of them just get over with that stubborn cold. Son is not yet totally cured but I know he's getting there and God is really good because he still there for us no matter what.

Once again thank you very much for coming by. I'll try to visit you back as soon as my time is free.

Happy Weekend!

Going Back to School Once Again

As parents it's normal for us to feel excited and get worried once the child is started going to school. Feel excited because as a parent especially the mom should wake up early to prepare everything, so once they wake up all things are ready, like food for breakfast, uniform and etc. In my case I just want to share with you that for the first time when I ironed my son's school uniform I can't define my feelings. I said to myself "this is it" and actually I can't wait seeing him wearing the uniform for the first time.

For my kids school needs, from buying kids backpack and to paper supplies I got those stuffs a month ahead. That is how excited I was when my toddler attended his class for the very first time. Being a mom of a preschooler is really exciting. It's a combination of different feelings.

Anyway, now that school is back once again I decided to let my father send and drop my son to school while he is here with us for a vacation. My son's class schedule is in the afternoon so he still has enough time to enjoy taking a nap using his old nap mat. Yes you heard it right, it's old that is why I was thinking of getting a new one including the personalized stuff of stephen joseph backpack. So anyway, if you have kids that go to school and still need more stuff especially the backpack, please visit Posy Lane.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Public Market

This is how the public market looks like in the Philippines. You can see stuff hanging around. If you want to get fresh and cheaper meat, fish and veggies here is the right one. Though it is not like a supermarket where the meat and fish are placed in a chiller but still the foods here are safe and clean.

So these 2 areas were the only places I went the last time because I was in a hurry.

The meat section.

Fish section

The vendors are so curious. Maybe they thought I'll gonna put them in a penpal corner. lol!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quick Update: Hitting the Dirty Market

Just for today's quick update, I'll be hitting the dirty market ( known as "public market") in a short while. Yes I'll be going there to get some fresh meat and some veggies for the whole weekend. I hate to get up this early hour but I need to or else no more fresh meat for me when I get there. very late. Grrr... I am still sleepy but I have to get ready. So see you later guys.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Would You Mind Following Me?

I am a fond of twitter and I spend my spare time there tweeting and reading other tweets. Twitter always make my day! I only have few followers there, so would you mind following me? Please just click the twitter button below. Thanks in advance.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

For Your Appliance Repairing Issues

The appliance you have at home plays a very important role in your life. Maybe some you owned you got it for cheap and some pricey. But regardless its price the proper care and use is a must for it to last longer. Anyway, once they are damaged no worries because there are technicians or the repair people to do it for you. And based on what I know the charge depends on what is damaged. If it still within the warranty period some company doesn't charge you for that.

I have mentioned earlier you don't need to be worry once your appliances are not functioning well because there are technicians who are there to help you repair your damage appliances. If you don't know any then consider High Tech Appliance Repair. If you are from Los Angeles and has issues with your refrigerator, then the company is the right one for you to see. The expertise in the field of Sub-Zero repair Los Angeles is very much guarantee.

Actually they repair also other brands like Whirlpool, Amana, Maytag and many others. But, if Sub-Zero is what you've been using for years simply trust the company for your Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair Los Angeles. As a matter of fact I informed my friend already about the company because she's from Los Angeles and got her new appliance few months ago. Though, she bought it for new but we don't know so better be ready about Los Angeles Sub-Zero repair. So help in spreading the news!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Midnight Sale Last Night

There was a midnight sale last night at the mall nearby. Mom and I witnessed the event while the kids are sleeping. I just bought few pairs of sleepers for myself and more clothes for the kids. The malls around the City are always having sale event; it's like almost every month there's a midnight sale. From 8pm till midnight the regular price of the items has a discount of 20%. Well, it's not bad actually.

Sorry no pictures to share because my hands were full and so busy choosing good deals to get though I brought the camera because it's in the plan to capture few but still no time. hehehe.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cartoon Pendants

Do you wear cartoon pendants of your favorite cartoon character? In the market you can see different creations of cartoon pendants from different creators. You can see from so simple style to one with diamonds. I'm sure you love wearing jewelry with diamonds sparkling on it. Well, nobody would say no to it.

When it comes to stylish work of cartoon pendants I'm sure you love the work of TraxNYC. The store carries many stylish cartoon pendants for the hip hop market. You just name your favorite choice, they have it for you. If you can see their Bart Simpson, Super Mario, Casper, Popeye the Sailor Man, Sponge Bob pendant and many more I'm sure you will drool. Spending your money with those cartoon pendants with diamonds is really worthy. And doing so only shows that you deserve and can afford to indulge in the luxury of life that not all can get.

In a Hurry

I'm in a hurry this time because I have a post that will soon expire plus I'm going to drop my son in school. Ho ho ho!

I'll be blog hopping tonight. see you all.

Protect Your Family

For protecting your family or your loved ones, the best thing that you need to do is to get the insurance. It is very important to give them the security especially when you pass away in this ordinary world. We know we don't own our life. It is only temporary. So as early as possible you try to get a trauma insurance because we don't know the things that will happen in the future. Not all times you are healthy and strong to provide your family. So think many times while you still have the time.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Business Card Printing Online

Business card is very necessary if you have your own business or even if you just employed to somebody else. Do you think it is inexpensive to get for yourself? Actually, there are sites on the web offering free biz cards to anyone who needs business card. But don't you know that free stuff has limited selection? Well, why don't you find out in some site on the web so you will know?

This time of crisis, surely people want to avail things for free, but as what I have said it is only limited and maybe shipping it to your door is pricey. So just think about it my friends if you prefer to spend much money just in shipping.

When the Mother is Cleaning

I bought my own cleaning materials and nail polish for my nails so I don't need to go to the beauty salon anymore. Besides, I don't want to spend PhP50 every week just for nails cleaning. I want to save in short so I am doing my own cleaning and coloring thing even though I am not that expert. Well as we know practice makes perfect, and that is what I am doing.

While I was busy cleaning my nails I just noticed that my 35 months old child is also busy arranging my stuff. It looks like he wanted to form a line out of these stuffs in the image but his work is this.

Anyway, even though my child interfered my solemn toes cleaning I still able to finish my work. So I save Php50. And here we go, my feet...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

While Waiting for My Pizza

I was craving for Pizza yesterday so I went to Greenwich. Every time I am craving for pizza Greenwich house is the usual place I always visit. The store is only 5 minutes walk so I arrived there fast despite of having short legs. lol! Yes, my legs are short because I am a short person and not gifted to own legs like a bamboo tree's height.

So while waiting for my order I decided to work the camera I brought. Click and click! So here we go the pizza...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Simply Pick and Mix the Seeds

Planting is such a wonderful thing to do. If you have vacant spaces on your backyard I think you better think of planting it as soon as possible so you can harvest something in the future. If your problem is on what you are going to plant there then try to look around I'm sure there are so many single seeds available for you to get in a cheapest price. Make your environment clean and green with the plants that you want to bloom and invite your friends to see your plants and make them feel envy.

Looking in a garden with variety of plants is also wonderful. You can harvest different products if you are going to plant different weed seeds. And speaking of different weed seeds you can get it also in a cheaper way at the online store I just visited hours ago. So have a happy planting!

So Wonderful Wedding Bands

I just remember the time I got married 3 years ago. We had only a civil wedding because it's only the fastest and easiest way to marry somebody. The celebration was only simple and so peaceful. Even though just a civil wedding but still meaningful because wedding bands were there and also the especial people in our lives. I love the gold wedding bands we chose because of its design plus there are diamonds on it.

And speaking of wedding bands, I saw online the store where we can get so wonderful, contemporary ones. I love their men's wedding rings because I found it so perfect. If you are planning of marrying someone the place is a great choice to see first for wedding bands. They have their men's gold rings for the groom that prefers the gold band. To anyone who wants to tie to someone I just want to say good luck!

June Payment

I 'm glad that I got my June payment from Adgitize yesterday. It's been 10 months now that I continually advertising my blog on their network, and the satisfying effect is the reason why I keep on going. So if you have not tried their service I think it's the time for you to try Adgitize now!

Anyway, below is my another proof of payment.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

For Your Study Problem

We know that education is the only thing that nobody can take it from us. It's not like money that once you have plenty of it you are always worried if being attacked by a thief. In my part I am glad that I able to finish my studies till college even though I was struggling with Chemistry and Physics subject. Being a student is not really easy especially if you have luck of help and resources. If I am only aware that there's an online tutoring site that is there willing to help students who have Chemistry problems maybe I could get a high grades during my times.

Today, students are very fortunate because TutorVista is there to give chemistry help to those who need help with Chemistry subject. My dear readers, you need to know that TutorVista is the world's leading online tutoring company that offers an incredible unlimited monthly tutoring package for a very cheap price and for all subjects. I have mentioned that all subjects, so meaning Physics is included. This is really good news especially to those who have Physics problems because there's a Physics help for them. And when it comes to tutoring availability, no need to worry because they are available 24X7. So what are you waiting? Try their service now!

My Lappy is Not Turning On

My laptop is not turning on since last night. I don't know what's going on. After I let the kids sleep supposed to be it's my time to make my online errands but I'm so sad that it's not turning on anymore. I looked at the cord if it's the reason but it's not. I have to look a technician to check it because I really don't know how to fix it. I have lots of things to do online but because of this problem for sure my things will be lined up.

Actually right now I'm here at the internet cafe tried making further research if how to fix my sleeping lappy. Oh, I hope it will be fixed soon. To my visitors and friends I''ll try to visit you as soon as I could get the chance.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just a Quick Update

I've been so busy lately because we don't have housemaid anymore. Since hubby is not around so it's really hard taking care of the 2 kids by myself. I'm glad that my parents are now here helping me, they arrived yesterday and I am so happy to see them again. Now that my parents are here maybe I could go back to the things that I usually do especially my online errands. I trusted my mother when it comes to kids so bravo to me because I have now a help!

Anyways, during my stealing time online I just enjoyed myself bidding amazing stuffs I found on the web, but unfortunately winning is still far far away from my nerves. Grrr...

And to all who keep visiting my blogs thank you very much. I know I owe you a lot.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Shopping Towing Products on the Web

Shopping online is the most leading activity that mostly people are up to nowadays. From household stuff till car accessories you can find it online. Online shopping is such a simple words to utter but had brought a big impact to anyone's life especially to people abroad.

By they way, how many pick up truck or SUV do you have? Have you done accessorizing it? Do you have your towing products like receiver hitches for your business or personal to use? For you to know things like that are available online at RealTruck, the leading shopping store when it comes to car accessories and towing products. They have the trailer hitch adapter in good quality and only you can only find it on their store.

I am telling you finding towing product is not a hassle if you just know where to shop good quality stuff. So now that I've mentioned the leading shopping store for your towing products and car accessories you know already where to browse for you to get stuff like hitch step, hitch ball, gooseneck hitch, receiver hitch, front mount hitch, and a lot more. So what are you waiting? You start shopping towing products on the web now!

Hey, It's Not a Toy!

That's my girl! Always looking for a new toy to destroy. lol! Every time she's inside my room her hands are always full, if not making the room cluttered she'll destroy the things like my old camera she's holding, she destroyed it without a doubt.

daughter: This is my new toy. I love it because it's big and so cool!

daughter: Mama is blogging, it's now my chance to twist and pull what's in here.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's General Cleaning Today

The day is almost over and I'm glad that we able to performed our general cleaning today. I'm so tired honestly, but I am still here sitting in front of the computer wiggling my fingers on my keyboard. After this post I'll try to take a nap so I'll be energetic again when I wake up.

In some other point, I am disappointed in one of my affiliated PPP sites because of the erroneous blog statistics they provided at the moment. Hopefully the error will be fixed soon.

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